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Marcus Armstrong Male Celebrant UK 2024

What will I need from you?

Information and guidance, and story!

You lead the way at all stages of the process, after all, it's about you!

Have a think about what kind of ceremony you'd like. Energetic, funny, emotional, compassionate? All of the above?

Would you like any symbolic actions? Would you like any readings? What about music? This is the kind of info I'm looking for, as well as the below: 

My Process

Marcus Armstrong Male Celebrant UK 2024

Terms and Conditions

There are lots of things to think about, travel, insurance, even clothes! 

Below I outline my Ts & Cs as well as the legal stuff in a nice easy to digest way. You can also view the booking form below for a sneak peak at the technical terms. 

If you have questions don't hesitate to hit the contact button! 

Legal Stuff

So, the headline on this is that the ceremonies I provide are not legally binding. They cannot be made to appear legally binding, nor can I use the words of a legally binding ceremony. 

In the case of a Naming Ceremony, Renewal of Vows or Commitment Ceremony, you would expect no legality anyway, so this applies specifically to Wedding Celebrations and Civil Partnership Celebrations. 

So, you will need to have a Registrar Ceremony first to legally register your marriage or civil partnership. 

But these are not your wedding. This is the formal legal bit, and you are not required to exchange rings or do any kind of ceremonial actions. 

I recommend a 2 by 2 ceremony with the registrar. This is a simple ceremony involving the couple and two witnesses in a register office. Think of it as no different to registering any other kind of life event, such as a birth of a death. 

Because it is a legal requirement, it means the words used are incredibly inflexible, which means you will have the same ceremony as everyone else. It is not personal to you in any way. So treat it as what it is; the legal bit, and then you come to me for all the stuff you will actually remember. 

So in brief, you have to register your marriage or civil partnership with a registrar, and then we do the ceremony afterwards. 

When booking your 2 by 2 ceremony, you may need to dig around a bit. Local councils and register offices don't advertise them very clearly, so don't be afraid to get in there and dig around to find what you need. 

Payments Policy

It's pretty straightforward. Basically, on the day you decide to book me as your celebrant I will give you a booking form which will give details such as the date, time, location etc. Once this is signed, I take a 50% deposit in order to hold the date. This deposit is non-refundable, so make sure you're sure! The deposit needs to be paid within one week of the signing of the booking form or the date will be considered open once again, though most opt to pay it on the day of booking to avoid faff!
Then, once we get a little closer (usually a month or less) to the date, I will take the remaining balance of the payment, and then I will release the script to you to be finalised. 
I cannot hold the date without a deposit, and I cannot release the script until the final payment has been made. 
There are sometimes occasions when extras may be required. Certain symbolic items, a specific costume, a hotel room or travel expenses. If they are known when we book then I will add them on at that stage, or if they are added later I will add them on at the end. You will have itemised invoices for all payments, so it should be very clear.

If I already have an item that may be required, such as a ring cushion or a specific costume then I can hire these out at a lower rate for use during the ceremony. Again, this can be built into the price. 

This will also include mileage and travel expenses if the apply. Please see the travel section below for more information. 
Payment can be taken through bank transfer or through PayPal and other comparable services. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations do happen, and I will always do my best to be as sympathetic and accommodating as possible. I have no specific cut-off for cancellations, I just ask that you give me as much notice as possible. 
As stated above, the initial booking deposit is non-refundable so if you chose to cancel I cannot refund that. 
In the event that the ceremony is cancelled after the final payment has been made, I reserve the right to refund or keep this final payment. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and if a refund is due it may not be for the full amount paid. 

Travel & Accommodation Policy

I am absolutely happy to travel to wherever you would like the ceremony to be held! From Scotland to Australia, I am good to go. 
In the event of an overnight stay, my policy is to build the price of any expenses into the fee. If it is known at the time of booking I will build it in then, or if it occurs later I will build it into the final payment. 

Alternatively, you may have accommodation already that you can offer, or you may wish to book something yourself. However you want to do it, it all works for me! 


This is really easy, I'm always happy to do a ceremony!

Christmas, New Year, Bank Holidays, Weekends, Weekdays! You name it!

There will be an additional fee of £75 for days like Christmas called a "Festive day Fee," which I will include in the expenses, but I am open to it all.  

Of course, there is a first come first serve element to this. If the day has been taken and a deposit has been paid then I won't be able to cancel one ceremony for another. 


As a member of the Association of Independent Celebrants I am full insured! 

I can make copies of my insurance information available on request, and if you are interested in the overview of the insurance you can click the logo below and visit the Association website!

Intellectual Property

In making your booking, you acknowledge that the copyright and all other intellectual property in respect of the ceremony and all documentation or other materials used in or relating to the ceremony belongs to myself. You are licensed to record the ceremony for your own personal use and enjoyment, but you are not entitled to use it otherwise or publish the whole or any part of the ceremony or its materials without my express written permission. 


Hit the big contact button below and get in touch! 

If you'd prefer, give me a call!


Marcus Armstrong Male Celebrant UK 2024
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