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What is aCelebrant?

Civil Celebrants

A Civil Celebrant is different to a Humanist Celebrant or a registrar, and it's important to know the difference. 

In the UK, a civil celebrant conducts and officiates at non-religious and non-legal ceremonies. A Celebrant is not required to hold a formal qualification, but some (including myself) train on accredited courses and can earn a Level 3 diploma. There are also non-accredited courses run by experienced celebrants. 

A Celebrant can perform various types of ceremonies that usually fall under the following categories: 


Wedding celebrations 

Vow renewals

Commitment ceremonies

Naming ceremonies

Check out the ceremonies I offer below: 


They provide a personalized and meaningful experience for individuals and couples who do not wish to have a religious ceremony or who belong to different faiths. 

Whilst they generally fall into categories like this, there are a huge number of variations! Naming Ceremonies for example could be Transgender Naming Ceremonies, or Divorce Ceremonies where a client claims or reclaims a name. 

The truth is, a Celebrant can turn their hand to any ceremony you want, in any way you wish. Civil celebrants work closely with their clients to create a ceremony that reflects their beliefs, values, and preferences. Because these are not legally binding, we are not limited by marriage rooms or registered locations, we can go anywhere and say anything! 

A celebrant will craft the ceremony script, help choose readings, select music, and incorporate any symbolic rituals or customs desired by the couple or individuals involved. 

So in short, a celebrant is an individual who will write and deliver your ceremony just the way you want it, throwing away the inflexible words of legal weddings and embracing creative, exciting, personal ceremonies that make the day that much more special! 

Click below to find out more about the legal side of things and how it works, or click the logos to see what courses I have done to make me perfect for your day :)

T R A I N E D   B Y

Civil Ceremonies - Marcus Armstrong Male Celebrant UK
Univerity of South Wales - Marcus Armstrong Male Celebrant UK
Falmouth Screenwriting MA - Marcus Armstrong Male Celebrant UK

Level 3 Diploma
Couples and Naming Ceremonies

Undergraduate Degree - BA
Couples and Naming Ceremonies

Masters Degree - MA


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