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What's your thing?

So, I have a few things that I really love:

Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones. You know, the classics! 

I am a screenwriter by trade, so I tend to be all about film and TV stuff. 

I've put a couple of links below to show you what I do in as a writer, so you can see just how much I know my stuff, but for now let's look at the ceremonies. 

This is why I wanted to become a Celebrant, to start a revolution that
changes what people think about “themed weddings.” 

Welcome tO


I have seen themed weddings for all kinds of things - from Superheroes to Historical, and I always think they look a bit... un-authentic. 

Surely if you love the world enough to get married in it, you want it to be as immersive as possible? 
If you relate to the messages of a universe or concept so deeply that you want to have your naming ceremony constructed around it, do you want it to be accurate? Right? 

Well, this is where I come in, creating accurate, immersive and well-researched ceremonies that envelop you in the world of your choosing...
Do you want to get married in the world of Star Trek?
I will find the wedding ceremony and I will tailor it to you, and I will deliver it as the ranking officer marrying two of my crew. 
Maybe you want to have a transgender naming and you happen to love Doctor Who?
How about we create a ceremony based around regeneration, using the lore of the world to guide the way? I know it very well...
Is real-life History your vibe?
Do you love the time of Shakespeare and think it might be cool to be married using the language and traditions of the era? I will open up the well-thumbed complete works, cross reference with the history books and create a ceremony that places you at the heart of Elizabethan England.

Whatever your thing is,
I will I M M E R S E you in that world!

"I love that Marcus’s ceremonies are so unique to each client, his imagination is amazing. He is so warm and friendly and willing to work with any idea you can bring to him. Watching his ceremony is like a show in itself. As soon as our ceremony was over, I wanted to do it again. Thank You Marcus, I highly recommend him."


Vicky Scott-Leach

What comes with this package?


I help you find a location, source quality costumes, delve into effective decorations, produce one of a kind in-universe certificates and do a deep dive into all the wedding traditions of any given universe or time.


I even offer extras for vow and speech writing, rehearsals, bespoke souvenir scripts and additional meetings to make sure it goes just the way you want!

And I know how to do it in a way that no other celebrant does, because the details of this ceremony mean just as much to me as it do to you.


For I too, am a Nerd


But I’m a nerd with a cause. I am trained, I am   experienced, I am registered with the best organisations in my field, and I’m ready to make your day the best possible version of itself!


I am ready to start a revolution, and change what people

think when they hear of a themed wedding!

Book your

I M M E R S I V E   C E R E M O N Y 


from £900

I am the co-founder of the production company and the Creative Direction of the Script Department Podcast. 

You can check out our discussion and scripts podcasts on our website above!

This is my freelance screenwriting business!

You can see examples of previous work as well as reviews from previous screenwriting and voice acting clients here!

Legal Stuff

So, the headline on this is that the ceremonies I provide are not legally binding. They cannot be made to appear legally binding, nor can I use the words of a legally binding ceremony. 

In the case of a Naming Ceremony, Renewal of Vows or Commitment Ceremony, you would expect no legality anyway, so this applies specifically to Wedding Celebrations and Civil Partnership Celebrations. 

So, you will need to have a Registrar Ceremony first to legally register your marriage or civil partnership. 

But these are not your wedding. This is the formal legal bit, and you are not required to exchange rings or do any kind of ceremonial actions. 

I recommend a 2 by 2 ceremony with the registrar. This is a simple ceremony involving the couple and two witnesses in a register office. Think of it as no different to registering any other kind of life event, such as a birth of a death. 

Because it is a legal requirement, it means the words used are incredibly inflexible, which means you will have the same ceremony as everyone else. It is not personal to you in any way. So treat it as what it is; the legal bit, and then you come to me for all the stuff you will actually remember. 

So in brief, you have to register your marriage or civil partnership with a registrar, and then we do the ceremony afterwards. 

When booking your 2 by 2 ceremony, you may need to dig around a bit. Local councils and register offices don't advertise them very clearly, so don't be afraid to get in there and dig around to find what you need. 

Payments Policy

It's pretty straightforward. Basically, on the day you decide to book me as your celebrant I will give you a booking form which will give details such as the date, time, location etc. I then take a 50% of the total price as a deposit in order to hold the date. This deposit is non-refundable, so make sure you're sure! 
Then, once we get a little closer (usually a month or less) to the date, I will take the remaining balance of the payment, and then I will release the script to you to be finalised. 
I cannot hold the date without a deposit, and I cannot release the script until the final payment has been made. 
There are sometimes occasions when extras may be required. Certain symbolic items, a specific costume, a hotel room or travel expenses. If they are known when we book then I will add them on at that stage, or if they are added later I will add them on at the end. You will have itemised invoices for all payments, so it should be very clear. 
Payment can be taken through bank transfer or through PayPal and other comparable services. 


Hit the big contact button below and get in touch! 

If you'd prefer, give me a call!


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